The Change We Need. The Voice We Deserve.
The Change We Need. The Voice We Deserve.

The Change We Need. The Voice We Deserve.

Thank you for visiting our website to Elect Jerry Leone Councilor At-Large

Dear Residents of Malden,


For those of you who aren't familiar with me from the past, I was born and raised in Malden, by Italian immigrant parents. I'm the youngest of three siblings. Growing up, I attended Malden Public schools. During my elementary years, I attended the Maplewood School. From there, I attended Malden Middle, then graduating Malden High School in 1998. Upon graduating Malden High School, I attended Bunker Hill Community College, and majored in History and Government. During my time at Bunker Hill Community College, I wanted to give back to our country. From 2002 up until 2008, I enlisted into the United States Air Force Reserves, in which I served in the Security Forces. My primary base was the 439th Squadron, located in Chicopee, Massachusetts. I currently work at the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts, in the Purchasing Department. While working at the Four Season Hotel, I wanted to give back to our city that gave myself, and my parents so many opportunities. In 2013, I got elected to be Ward 6 School Committee Representative. I served until 2018.


This year, I'm running for Councilor-At-Large. I kindly ask for one of  your three votes and support on November, 5th. Together with your support, we can move Malden in the right direction, Please continue to view my website, and if you have any questions regarding different issues Malden is facing please contact me, and I look forward to addressing those issues with you.


                                                                                    Thank you and enjoy my site!


                                                                                       - Jerry Leone



~ Integrity. Responsibility. Veteran ~

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