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  • There are many concerns Malden residents face. While every topic is important to me, below is a list of some important issues in Malden. If I didn't discuss an issue and you would like my view on where I stand, please feel free to reach out to me either by phone or email. I look forward to addressing your concern with you.


  • Development – While I'm a strong believer in creating jobs, I'm in favor for smart development. I feel as a resident, Malden is too congested at the moment. I'm not in favor to construct more apartments or condominiums. However, I am in favor for apartments that house Senior Citizens. I am also in favor for commercial development.


  • Malden Hospital Site – I do not favor apartments or condos, unless its planned affordable housing for seniors. I favor open space and feel that any natural open space we have left needs to be preserved.


  • Schools- As a former Ward 6 School Committee Representative, I know the importance of making sure all schools are well funded. I feel that our current class room sizes are above capacity. I feel that the main focus should not be in constructing more apartment buildings, but have a discussion to someday fund another public school. This topic can happen if we begin attracting commercial businesses.



  • Residential Parking – I feel this is an important issue for residents who are walking distance from either Malden Center or Oak Grove MBTA Station. I'm in favor for a Residential Parking Monday through Friday, during the hours of 9:00AM to 5:00PM. With having this plan in effect, the city will eliminate out of town residents parking on Malden streets, and walking to the MBTA station to save money at the public parking lots.


  • Opioid Crisis - We need more funding. I will work with law enforcement, groups and people that feel the same way. On the council, I will fight for funding.


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