An Experienced Representative for Ward 6
An Experienced Representative for Ward 6

A Vision for Our Future


  • If elected I will propose to increase the residential tax exemption from 30% to 40%. Passage of this ordinance would save the average owner occupied homeowner another $150.  It would further push that burden on the absentee landlord and encourage homeownership and discourage more apartment development.  It would make owner occupied housing more affordable for young citizens who have just purchased and our seniors on fixed incomes trying to stay in their homes.


  • Will continue to fight overdevelopment of apartments and multi unit housing, and propose new ordinances to further the work done in this area. The Citizens have spoken on this issue.


  • Seek thoughtful solutions and places where retail marijuana sales can take             place in the City. However, I will fight any attempt to allow these shops to be           in Maplewood Square or anywhere near a school, house of worship or in                 neighborhoods.  


  • Fully understand the need to support our Senior Citizens as with my own mother being a senior, living in Maplewood I understand and will always support our first responders both police and fire with this growing need in keeping our neighborhood safe for all.                                                                         


  • Supported the purchase of High Rock in Maplewood Highlands and hope to pursue the Community Preservation Act’s money to preserve more of Ward 6 and the City as well as bring funds in for affordable housing for Seniors.

Ways to Get Involved

  • Display a Lawn Sign
  • Hold a House Party
  • Write Op-Eds
  • Send Dear Friend Cards
  • Recruit 5 Additional Volunteers
  • Make Phone Calls to Friends and Neighbors
  • Canvass Your Neighborhood
  • Participate in Sign Standouts


If interested we would love to have you on Team Leone!

The Committee to Elect

Jerry Leone

91 Webster Street

Malden, MA 02148

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